Catering Services


Our commitment is to use only the freshest natural ingredients, grown and prepared with love. Combined with unparallel service and attention to detail, we will help you celebrate your special day.

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Drop-Off Production Catering

Our production-catering kitchen is located in the heart of Hollywood at 6465 Sunset inside SIR Studios. We offer the finest gourmet catering to the most discerning entertainment industry clientele.

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Craft Service

We provide comprehensive craft and client services for feature film, commercial, industrial, and print productions and have multiple crews available to meet the most difficult schedules. We feature the finest menu items that include a wide array of dining options. We are a on-set catering company for all budgets and sizes.

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In-Home Service

From shopping for the best ingredients from integral local Bio-Dynamic farmers to catering our clients vast ever-changing dietary needs, we offer the finest Vegan, European, Classic American, Vegetarian, Organic Pesce-vegetarian dishes and can easily accomodate Multi-need family households. Let us help you tailor a personal menu just for you. Contact Us