Drop-Off Catering

We set the gold standard in freshness, flavor, creativeness, bang for the buck and promptness!

Our production-catering kitchen is located at 6465 Sunset inside SIR Studios. We are located in the heart of Hollywood. We offer the finest gourmet catering to the most discerning entertainment industry clientele without over charging for our services.

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Drop-Off Breakfast Menu

Items at every breakfast:


  • Starbucks Coffee®
  • Variety of Organic Teas
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Orange Juice and Milk
  • Assorted Quality Donuts
  • Variety of Cereals
  • Assorted Bagels
  • Breads and Toaster
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Sliced Red Onion
  • Cucumbers & Tomatoes
  • Capers Platter
  • Muffins & Pastries
  • Assorted Danish Platter
  • Fresh Fruit
  • Hot Oatmeal w/Maple Syrup
  • Honey & Brown Sugar
  • Raisins & Dried Fruit


Hot Breakfast

We cook in the healthiest way possible we use the best - organic when ever possible - local produce available. We often replace butter and oil with vegetable stock for our extremely health contentious patrons and guests.


  • French Toast
  • Pancakes
  • Malted Waffles
  • Scrambled Eggs
  • Cheesy Eggs
  • Breakfast Burritos
  • Breakfast Sandwiches
  • Egg Whites
  • Hash Browns
  • Three Cheese Jalapeno
    Hash Browns
  • Creamy or Cheesy Grits



Our omelet bar stands heads above the rest! We use the finest organic ingredients our local farmers markets have to offer! We also prepare to order all the classic favorite breakfast items:

Mushrooms | Black Forest Ham | Avocado | Tomatoes | Onions | Machaca of beef | Green Peppers | Shrimp | Scallions
Smoked Chicken | Salsa Pico De Gallo | Smoked Mozzarella | Spanish Olives | Assorted Sausages | Jalapenos | Broccoli
Spinach | Apple-Wood Bacon | Turkey Bacon | Fire Roasted Jalapenos | Wild Mushrooms | Assorted imported & Domestic Cheeses | Fire Roasted Peppers | Smoked Salmon | Fine Herbs | Basically anything you could possibly desire...

Breakfast Dishes

Vegetarian - Sausage - Ham - Sausage-Egg

with assorted jams

with any Combination: Pancakes - French Toast - Biscuits and Country Milk Gravy - Cheesy Grits - Chiliqullies - Filled Crapes

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Lunch - Dinner - 2nd Meal Entrees

We cook in the healthiest way possible we use the best - organic when ever possible - local produce available. We often replace butter and oil with vegetable stock for our extremely health contentious patrons and guests.


  • Roasted or Grilled Tri-Tip
    Filet Mignon
  • Roast Top Sirloin of Beef
  • Slow Roasted Prime Rib
  • Beef Stroganoff
  • Beef Goulash
  • Beef Bourguignon
  • Slow Cooked Pot Roast
  • Italian Meatballs
  • Southern Meatloaf with
    Apple-Wood Bacon
  • Slow Cooked North Carolina
    Beef Ribs
  • 12 Hour Texas Brisket of Beef


Vegetarian Entrees

  • Pasta Diablo
  • Pasta Pomodoro
  • Basil Cream Pasta
  • Creamy Mascarpone
    Macaroni & Cheese
  • Three Cheese Ravioli
    with Classic Pesto
  • Stuffed Manicotti
  • Grilled Egg Plant Parmesan
  • Duck, Lobster or Classic Ravioli
    Couscous with Grilled Vegetables
    and Cilantro Mint Pesto
  • Pasta with White Beans,
    truffle oil and Fresh Sage
  • Zucchini Gratin
  • Three Cheese Grilled
    Vegetable Lasagna
  • Wild Mushroom Gratin
  • Classic Pasta Alfredo
  • Organic Quinoa and Vegetables
  • Gnocchi alla Romana
  • Whole Wheat Pasta alla Caccia


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  • Potatoes Gratin
  • Wild Rice Pilaf
  • Classic Rice Pilaf
  • Brown Rice
  • Baked Potato Bar
  • Garlic Mashed Potatoes
  • Southern Mashed Potatoes
    with Gravy
  • Boiled Baby Red Potatoes
  • Spanish Rice
  • Roasted Rosemary Potatoes



  • Garden Salad
  • Italian Pasta Salad
  • Warm Spinach Salad with Shallots,
    bacon Honey Dressing
  • Old School Potato Salad
  • High Fiber Broccoli Slaw
    with Asian Dressing
  • Tuna Salad
  • Grilled Salmon Salad
  • Honey Dijon Vegetable
    Pasta Salad
  • Artichoke Hearts
  • Aromatic Cole Slaw with
    Blue Cheese & Cilantro
  • Classic Caesar Salad
  • Grilled Caesar Salad
  • Chinese Chicken Salad


  • Pepper Jack Creamed Spinach
  • Assorted Steam Vegetables
  • Grilled Corn on the Cob
  • Creamed Corn
  • Broccoli Spears,
    Cauliflower and Carrots
  • Vegetable Medley
  • Green beans Almandine
  • Asparagus w/Bearnaise
  • Zucchini and Mushrooms
  • Fresh Shucked Peas
  • Boston Style Baked Beans
  • Oven Roasted Yams
  • Roasted Brussels Sprouts


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In-Home Service

From shopping for the best ingredients from integral local Bio-Dynamic farmers to catering our clients vast ever-changing dietary needs, we offer the finest Vegan, European, Classic American, Vegetarian, Organic Pesce-vegetarian dishes and can easily accomodate Multi-need family households. Let us help you tailor a personal menu just for you.

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