Personal Chef Services

The essence of my cuisine is the accumulation of over 30 years of culinary experience that has encompassed restaurant, hotel, catering, personal chef, entertainment events, film production, and professional sports. I have worked for a multitude of high profile clientele including celebrities, athletes, dignitaries, royal families, entertainment and music moguls.

As a personal chef I worked four years for recording artist, Mary J. Blige. I have traveled on three-world tour with Ms. Blige and have been on location at both her bi-coastal residences. The scope of work has included buying product, overseeing inventory and equipment, designing catering menus for entertainment and collaborated with her personal trainer, Mark Jenkins, to create flavorful and exciting menus that adhere to the strict dietary guidelines necessary to keep Ms. Blige in shape and energized on her tours.

My other personal celebrity clients include: Legendary baseball great Gary Sheffield of the New York Mets. R&B superstar Keyshia Cole, Cavaliers basketball star Daniel "Boobie" Gibson, Mega Music Producer Rick Rubin, Movie Producer Shakim, Compari, Actres Hallie Berry and comedy genius Jim Carrey.


Cooking with my Daughter Jillana

Nothing in life brings me more pleasure than cooking with my daughter!

Jillana - now - a great food blogger, has always had a strong affinity for everything cooking, kitchen and food. She has always been a great conversationalist. We always talked about food, restaurants, dishes, pastries, the real chefs and the fugaise chefs - yeah she has always been my best cooking partner! But now she has chops - real chops! We often work as a team in private chef settings... so if you want to see our collective magic - call us! Book us and expeance a lot of love for your family, friends and guests and your next family get together!

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In-Home Service

From shopping for the best ingredients from integral local Bio-Dynamic farmers to catering our clients vast ever-changing dietary needs, we offer the finest Vegan, European, Classic American, Vegetarian, Organic Pesce-vegetarian dishes and can easily accomodate Multi-need family households. Let us help you tailor a personal menu just for you. Contact Us