Wedding Let us help you plan your special day, the same as we do for celebrities and dignitaries!

A wedding should be a perfect memory. From the beauty of the bride and her breathtaking breath to the exquisite quality of the food. There are both big decisions and little details to attend to when it comes to hosting the perfect wedding. Let Chef Frank Miller Events take care of the catering worries for you, so all of your cuisine is the same quality as that of Hollywood stars, sports celebrities and political dignitaries. Chef Frank Miller Events will help guide you through delicious menu selections, helping you choose the perfect fare for your guests. Chef Frank Miller Events will provide the experience, talent, and guidance necessary to personalize every single detail so that your unique celebration will be the event that you envision. Our wedding catering services can accommodate any size, theme, or requirement, and we can do so in virtually any location.

Chef Frank Miller's exceptional cuisine, a cuisine that has fed stars like Gary Sheffield, Mary J. Blige, and Jim Carrey, is available to you for your special day. His famed cuisine will make your wedding as special as it can possibly be. Whether you choose our landmark venue at SIR Studios in Hollywood or a location that's special to you, we'll make the event an event worthy of the stars. Our award-winning chefs bring a superior level of creativity and flavor to the table. Chef Frank Miller's devotion to using only the freshest, highest quality seasonal ingredients is manifest on every plate, as is his love of food.


Engagement Party Engagement Party

Announce your engagement and celebrate one of the most joyous milestones in your life in a manner befitting royalty. Welcome your guests with a signature party uniquely created just for you, by a Master Chef that caters to stars and dignitaries. Toast your new life together with a menu of international hors d'oeuvres, creatively designed by Chef Frank Miller, Chef to the Stars, created especially for you. Choose our exclusive venue at SIR Studios in Hollywood or celebrate your commitment with your loved ones at your home, at the beach, or the location of your choice. No matter what the environment, Chef Frank Miller will make sure that your engagement party is an unforgettable masterpiece.


Rehersal Dinner Rehearsal Dinner

Welcome your friends and unite your families in style, at an elegant, relaxed, completely posh celebration. Indulge your loved ones with delicious, exotic served hors d'oeuvres, or treat them to a romantic three course gourmet dinner that is uniquely created and perfectly matched to suit your occasion. With Chef Frank Miller Catering manning the kitchen, you can sit back and enjoy every moment as you work to perfect your special day. The food, you can trust, will be exquisite. Whether you're planning a casual barbeque, a sophisticated cocktail reception or an elegant plated dinner, Chef Frank Miller Catering will create a memorable event that reflects your own personal style. After all, it's your day, and you'll never have another one like it. So enjoy featuring your own customized gourmet menu knowing that it will be cooked to perfection by Chef Frank Miller catering, the Chef to the Stars.


Day After Brunch Day After Brunch

The wedding is over. The rehearsal dinner was phenomenal. The reception was a flawless remedy no attendee will ever forget. All because you chose Chef Frank Miller Events, knowing of his experience catering to stars like Mary J. Blige and Keyshia Cole. But now what? How do you finish a perfect 3 course wedding. Have Chef Frank Miller cater the perfect after day brunch for your most important guests, finishing an event that will be truly memorable for everyone you chose to partake of it. Chef Frank Miller events will create a completely unique brunch menu that your guests will remember band will relish for the rest of their lives.


In-Home Service

From shopping for the best ingredients from integral local Bio-Dynamic farmers to catering our clients vast ever-changing dietary needs, we offer the finest Vegan, European, Classic American, Vegetarian, Organic Pesce-vegetarian dishes and can easily accomodate Multi-need family households. Let us help you tailor a personal menu just for you. Contact Us